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Can I make my Project 10 videos private from Facebook?

Yes, there is a way to keep challenge post private. We understand that although the Body By Vi Challenge is a lifestyle change, not everyone wants to share their new lifestyle with all of Facebook. Once users link their challenge timeline with Facebook, to make posts private, the first step is to login to their Facebook profile. Note that this must be done from full Facebook webpage(Desktop Setting), as the settings option needed is not available on the mobile app version.  Next, users will have to click on the downward arrow to the right of the Security Shortcut (padlock icon). From here the user should select “settings” which will direct the user to the “General Account Settings”. From this page on the left menu a list of options will read:
 “General”
 ”Security”
 “Privacy”
 “Timeline and Tagging Settings”
 “Blocking”
 “Notifications”
 “Mobile”
 “Followers”
 “Apps”
 “Ads”
 “Payments”
 “Support Dashboard”
 “Videos”
The user should select “Apps” where they would have to then find “The Challenge”. Note that if “The Challenge” does not appear, the user may need to select “Show All” to display all the apps. After clicking on “The Challenge”, the first section will be displayed as “App visibility and post audience”. The user will want to make sure this section is changed from “Public” or “Friends” to “Only Me” to be sure that any post from the challenge timeline are only viewable by the Facebook account holder.

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