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How do I enter the Challenge?

• http://vi.com/pdf/challengebrochure.pdf Step 1: Set a goal – Challenge yourself to shed some lbs., participate in an athletic event, or achieve your optimal physique. Then “Go Public” on challenge.com to join a like-minded community to help you achieve your goal. Step 2: Select a Kit: Pick the Challenge Kit that best matches your 90-day goal. Step 3: Enter to win: Submit your results for a change to win over $47 million in free products, prizes, and vacations enter.vi.com

Challenge Categories
• http://vi.com/body-by-vi/90-day-challenge Weight loss: Challenge yourself to shed some lbs. Active: Challenge yourself in a sport or athletic activity. Fitness: Challenge yourself to achieve your optimal physique.

Multiple Challenges
• Body By Vi is a lifestyle. You may enter the challenge as many times as you wish. To do so log-in to Challenge.com, click the drop down next to your name in the top right corner and select “Start New Challenge”

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