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How do I upload Project 10 videos to challenge.com, and what are the requirements for the videos?

Once logged in to challenge.com, you will be directed to your challenge timeline. From there, you will select the three horizontal lines icon that is located in the top left corner of the page. A menu will slide out, giving the options:
 “Home”
 “My Timeline”
 “Project 10”
 “Champion Voting”
 “Challenge Others”
 “Enter to Win”
 “Recipes”
 “Community”
Click on one of the eight giving the option “Project 10”. You will then be directed to the “Project 10 Challenge” page. From there you will select “enter” along the top. This will direct you to the “Project 10” page where you will have the option to upload your “I want it” and “I Lost it” videos. Select choose video, and your library will open up and allow you to select your video. Repeat the same steps when uploading an “I Lost it” video. When uploading an “I Built it” video, select “Switch to I Built It” before selecting Choose video.
i. Preferred File Type: WMI/MP4
ii. Preferred File Size: maximum 95MB

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