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Who can participate in the Vi Family Challenge?

The Vi Family Challenge is open to anyone who wants to get healthier along with their nearest and dearest. All Vi Customers and Promoters around the world are welcome! repipes crown village edgewater nj full circle family care kelpradio.biz dental spa jersey city But who can be your Vi Family?  . . . Read more

What is the Vi Family Challenge?

The Vi Family Challenge is a new challenge specifically designed to help entire families get healthier in 90 days! Not only can you and your family work on getting healthier together, but once you complete your 90 Day Vi Family Challenge, Vi will donate 90 days of nutrition to a family in . . . Read more

How do I unlink Facebook from the challenge.com website?

After logging into the challenge.com website, select the account icon found to the right of the alerts icon near the top-right section of the page. After clicking on the Account icon, select “Account Settings”. Under the section titled “Facebook Settings” the user should find the “Unlink this account” link to . . . Read more

Can I make my Project 10 videos private from Facebook?

Yes, there is a way to keep challenge post private. We understand that although the Body By Vi Challenge is a lifestyle change, not everyone wants to share their new lifestyle with all of Facebook. Once users link their challenge timeline with Facebook, to make posts private, the first step . . . Read more

How do I start a new challenge?

To Start a new challenge on challenge.com, if the user has already elected to “Go Public” with their challenge, they will be taken to their Challenge Timeline. From here, under the share to Facebook/Twitter option the user should find a link which gives the user the option to “Start New . . . Read more

Where do I go to submit 100lb entry?

Aside from losing 100 pounds, the first step to submitting a successful 100lb club entry is to visit poundsclub.vi.com or http://vi.com/100lb-club. Following this step click on the green link titled “ENTER THE 100LB CLUB”, next fill out form and “Submit”. Please note that the 100 pound club is only available . . . Read more

What is Project 10?

http://vi.com/project10 We believe that the secret to your Challenge success lies in the first 10 lbs. That’s why every week, we award a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 lbs. (or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle) on the Body by Vi Challenge™. Plus, everyone who submits . . . Read more

How do I enter the Challenge?

• http://vi.com/pdf/challengebrochure.pdf Step 1: Set a goal – Challenge yourself to shed some lbs., participate in an athletic event, or achieve your optimal physique. Then “Go Public” on challenge.com to join a like-minded community to help you achieve your goal. Step 2: Select a Kit: Pick the Challenge Kit that . . . Read more

Can children join the challenge?

Children can benefit from healthy nutrients in the shake, however, it is not recommended for children to go on the 90 day challenge for weight loss. Children don’t need help with metabolism or appetite control and should not be on any weight loss meal replacement program without the consent of . . . Read more

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