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Can I only do one 90 Day Challenge?

You not only can do another 90 Day Challenge…   You’re highly encouraged to! After you complete your first 90 days, your goals will likely change but the tools that Vi provides will ensure you’re successful whether you’re looking to loose additional weight, pack on the muscle, or just become more healthy . . . Read more

How to reset Challenge timeline?

Reset Challenge Timeline –        http://challenge.com –        Click Go to your Timeline –        Login via Facebook –        At the top right, click the icon next to your name. –        Click Start New Challenge The Timeline will be erased including the data in it. here

How to upload a Project 10 video?

http://challenge.com Click Enter to win Login via Facebook Click Enter to Win Project 10 Browse for I WANT IT video, wait till upload is complete, and continue. Browse for I LOST IT video, wait till upload is complete, and continue. Select Charity and T-shirt size. –        On this page, you . . . Read more

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