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What is the Vi Drive Luxury Car Club?

The Vi Drive Luxury Car Club is an incentive reward program offered to Promoters who achieve and maintain the position of Regional Director or above in the Vi™ Incentives Plan. Promoters who qualify for this program, acquire a qualifying car, and properly communicate acquisition of their car and branding of . . . Read more

What is a Vi Life Challenge?

The Vi Life Challenge is for people who want to turn their challenge into a lifestyle. By receiving a Monthly Delivery order for 12 consecutive months, and entering to win the 90 Day challenge or Project 10, you can become a Vi Life Champion and build habits that will keep . . . Read more

Can you walk me through the Sponsor Tree features?

The Sponsor Tree is one of the most useful tools Vi provides its promoters. It gives users the ability to track you and your teams progress throughout the month and easily communicate with promoters and customers in their downline. site

How can I track my order?

You can easily track your order to see its current status at any time! Track your package in the US: Log into your back office through Vinet.vi.com. Hover over the shop tab and click on My Orders. A list of all your previous orders will be displayed at the bottom of the page. It . . . Read more

How do I get refunded for ViNet Pro?

During the enrollment process, new promoters receive and are advised of a free trial of ViNet Pro (up to 30 days depending on date of enrollment). ViNet Pro will charge $29 on the 5th of the following calendar month and every month after if not downgraded to ViNet Lite by the . . . Read more

What is ViSalus’ return policy if I order for the first time?

ViSalus stands behind all of its product offerings and will accept a return of products if they are not to our customer’s satisfaction including products which the customer cannot utilize due to medical reasons.  Products which have been purchased for the first time and don’t meet our customer’s satisfaction can . . . Read more

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