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What is a retail website certification?

A Retail Website Certification allows certain types of retail sales in an online setting. You can still sell products without obtaining the certification. However, there are strict guidelines to follow; please contact the Compliance Department at compliance@visalus.com. info

Can I sell ViSalus products on my own website?

Yes under certain circumstances.  VIPs may sell ViSalus products on Internet retail sites or online stores, if they have obtained the “ViSalus Retail Website Certification”. A VIP that sells products via their own website must sell them at or above the Suggested Retail Price and include ViSalus standard shipping and . . . Read more

Can I work for another MLM company?

Once an Individual becomes a VIP, he/she can no longer actively promote another MLM company; regardless whether the products or services are competing or not. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of a VIP position and payments of any kind. info

What is a ViSalus live event?

A ViSalus live event consists of Challenge Parties (host and at least 2 guests, not residing in the same household), Local Success Trainings, Regional Success Trainings, National Success Trainings, Vitality, etc. Challenge groups are not considered live events. info

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