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Do VIPs need to report taxes?

VIPs are not considered employees for purposes of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Income Withholding by ViSalus or any other laws governing employees. It is the responsibility of each VIP to make self-employment and Federal Income Tax payments as required by . . . Read more

What types of claims and representations can a VIP make?

VIPs shall not make any statements or representations regarding income and/or Vi services and/or products other than those provided in these Policies & Procedures and other printed material provided by Vi. Please see the Policies & Procedures which provides details on this subject or contact the Compliance Team at compliance@vi.com. . . . Read more

Are VIP expenses reimbursed?

No. All VIPs are responsible for any and all expenses, which result from their business operation. Miscellaneous expenses include, but are not limited to: licenses or permits required to operate a business, legal fees connected with the use of a fictitious business name, telephone expenses, product advertising, etc. Each VIP . . . Read more

How do I return my products?

A Return Pre-Authorization Number is necessary for a return to be processed. The Customer or VIP is required to contact ViSalus to obtain a Pre-Authorization Number. Refunds cannot be processed without this number. When returning an order, make sure the ViSalus invoice is included in the box. If a package is returned . . . Read more

Signing up as a charity organization?

The individual interested in becoming a VIP as a charity organization must fill out the Company Enrollment Form, a VIP application and the appropriate 501(c) documentation. You can also hold an individual account along with a charity organization. source

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