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Signing up a corporation or partnership?

The individual interested in becoming a VIP as a corporation or partnership must complete and submit the Company Enrollment Form as well as a hard copy of the VIP application; the individual must also submit all relevant paperwork concerning the business which would have been received when the business was . . . Read more

What is the fee to maintain a promoter account?

A Ninety-nine Dollar ($99.00) Administration Fee will be charged annually to the credit card on file with ViSalus. This fee is for services, which include, but are not  limited to, downline reporting, Customer tracking and accounting services. The Administration Fee will be charged in the month of my enrollment anniversary and . . . Read more

Guidelines to become a VIP?

An individual interested in becoming a VIP must submit an Independent VIP application and provide a valid Social Security number or SIN in their name.  Country requirements may differ. All individuals can either submit an application on-line or via fax. A VIP must be at least 18 years old at . . . Read more

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