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What is the Faith & Fitness Initiative?

The Faith & Fitness Initiative allows any eligible faith-based organization (FBO) to become a ViSalus Basic Promoter at no cost. As a Promoter, the FBO can make a positive impact by introducing nutritious food options to its community—while fundraising at the same time. The faith-based Promoter can purchase nutritional products . . . Read more

What is the Vi Community Challenge?

The Body by Vi™ Community Challenge donates nutritional meals to disadvantaged children and families year-round. ViSalus matches these meals one-for-one, doubling the impact of every donation. To date, the ViSalus Community has served well over 1 million ViSalus Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shakes. From food banks and after-school programs to heart-breaking natural . . . Read more

What is PROJECT 10 Kids?

ViSalus Promoters and Customers that lose 10 lbs. through PROJECT 10™ can share their success with the next generation through PROJECT 10 Kids, a transformative program that empowers adults to achieve and maintain a healthier body weight, while encouraging children to do the same. For every 10 lbs. lost—or every . . . Read more

What is Vi-Cares?

ViSalus Vi-Cares is our giving platform, bringing Vi Promoters, Customers and employees together to support a range of programs and causes that fulfill both our vision for a healthier planet and our mission of Taking Weight Off the World™. Vi-Cares provides a lifeline, connecting those who want to help with . . . Read more

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