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What is Project 10?

http://vi.com/project10 We believe that the secret to your Challenge success lies in the first 10 lbs. That’s why every week, we award a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 lbs. (or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle) on the Body by Vi Challenge™. Plus, everyone who submits a PROJECT 10 success story wins a FREE “i LOST it.” or “i BUILT it.” t-shirt!

How can I enter? Upload your I want it Video at enter.vi.com

Video requirements:
• Wear snug clothes (no layers), and be barefoot (don’t be afraid to show some skin!)
• Be in a quiet, well-lit room (use a full length mirror if you are by yourself)
• If using a smartphone, hold it horizontally (so it looks like your television)

How to shoot your “I want it” video:
• Remove shoes and outer layers
• Step on the scale and show starting weight
• Say “I just started by Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge – My goal is to_____. You have to take The Challenge with me!”
• Submit video at challenge.com

How to shot your “I lost it” or “I built it” videos:
• Remove shoes and outer layers
• Step on the scale and show starting weight
• Say “I Lost 10 pounds” or “I built 10 pounds of muscle” on my Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge
• Submit video at challenge.com

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